Business Law

We aim to provide top-notch service and legal counsel to breweries and breweries-in-planning from day one. Hocky goalieWhether you are a home-brewer or anentrepreneur, we can walk you through the different types of business entities available to you as well as the pros and cons of each with an eye to considerations particular to the brewing industry.

Once you have decided on the type of business you would like to have, we will then help you form the chosen business. Our staff will assist you with the applicable state and federal government paperwork as well as all of the corporate formalities. From founders agreements and operating agreements to bylaws and amendments, the Craft Beer Attorney is here to keep your books and records in order. As with most businesses, sometimes adjustments need to be made. In such circumstances we can advise you as to the type and manner of best effectuating your business goals.

Interested in opening a brewery? Talking to investors? Thinking of capital raising? We are here to point you in the right direction no matter what stage your brewery is at.

Other business options:

Annual Basic Maintenance Package – $350/yearly

  • Updated State filings
  • Yearly Minutes
  • Minor updates to shareholder/member lists/share certificates (Buy-out/Buy-ins not included)