Contracts are a fact of life. You sign them as an individual and that will hold true for your brewery as well. In fact, the more you grow and expand the more you will be asked to sign the dotted line. That being said, contracts are also fraught with potential litigation and compliance pitfalls. Know what to watch for and how to protect yourself by consulting with our experienced team. Our firm has craft beer specific experience with every kind of contract and is here to ensure that you are protected from start to finish. Whether it is lease review for a potential brewery location or a beer distribution agreement, The Craft Beer Attorney has the experience needed.

Due to the heavily regulated nature of the craft beverage industry, traditional contract rules and considerations are not as simple when brewing. Our firm is able to draft contracts on your behalf from scratch for any issue or topic that might arise in your business. Alternatively, many potential distributors, landlords, and other third parties like to insist that their standard contract be utilized. In these instances, our knowledgeable team will review those contracts and provide you with a detailed analysis of the contract’s compliance with applicable laws and how each clause affects you as a brewery. In most instances, we can recommend the must-have’s, bargaining chips, and standard operating procedures so that you can negotiate a deal that best suits your needs and circumstances.

Contract Reviews – completed at our hourly rate

  • Distribution Contract Review
  • Contract and Lease Review
  • Contract Drafting – Such as contract brewing agreements, private label agreements, event hosting agreements, etc.

Contract Creation

  • Master Distribution Contract – $500 (additional edits billed at the attorney’s hourly rate)
  • Contract Brewing Contract – $300 (additional edits billed at the attorney’s hourly rate)
  • Alternating Proprietorship Contract – $300 (additional edits billed at the attorney’s hourly rate)

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