Growing Boutique Firm to Expand Resources for Client Base

San Diego, CA, August 2, 2017– The Craft Beer Attorney APC (CBA), a San Diego-based boutique law firm focused on serving the legal needs of the craft beer industry since 2009, has joined forces with the local San Diego office of Dinsmore & Shohl LLP.

Candace L. Moon, Esq., Founder of the firm stated “I’m really excited to be able to continue to offer our clients the same great services they have come to expect, while adding so many more services and resources that will help them protect and grow their businesses.”

The Craft Beer Attorney has continuously experienced a high volume of growth over the last eight years, requiring additional resources to better serve its client base in California and Colorado. The collaboration of the two firms means the practice can expand to include the rapidly developing craft beverage industry in the nine other states Dinsmore has offices located in. More importantly, it means that current clients are getting the same boutique prices and services while at the same time getting access to more legal services than there were before.

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